Marina's Clinic

Marina's clinic is the place to go when you feel you need a moments peace, release your body of its stress and simply relax and get in touch with yourself. Marina's care combines treatments from east and west, from ancient medicine and healthy care.


Marina's clinic was opened by Marina Tiurin and offers with it a gental touch along side a broad spectrum of alternative medical studies:


  • - Swedish, sports and medical massages - "Aaura" college in moscow.
  • - Degree in Reiki and Healing - Master Hanse Toffen - Moscow 
  • - Master Reiki - Dekel Sagie's school, Modi'in
  • - Massage at the institute for back and limb health - Tel Aviv
  • - Shiatsu, chinese medicine, Reiki 1+2, Healing, biorgonomy - the "Inner space" college, Modi'in.


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The clinic offers a great deal of massages for people who suffer from great pain and numerous diseases, along with healthy people who simply want to endulge themselves:



  • - Swedish massage - after accidents, to releave stress and strengthen the amune system.
  • - Shiatsu - for orthopedic problems, pains and all in all - puts the body at relaxation and achieves inner calm.
  • - Reiki - to increase self confidence and help with aches. 
  • - Aromatherapy - to deal with problems in life.
  • - Medical massage - for muscle pain, spinal injuries, increases the blood flow and helps to rid the body of poisons and toxins.
  • - Deep tissue massage - for disc outbursts, athletes, after accidents, injuries and traumas.
  • - Sports massage - before and after athletic activity.
  • - Hot stones massage - to achieve relaxation and calm.
  • - Bamboo massage - to connect with the earth and sky, body and spirit.
  • - The Thermal bed - helps with people who suffer of Parkinson, diabetics, blood preasure and weight problems.



So take a time out of the race of life, and let yourselves forget the pain for an hour.